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International Fairs & Trade Marketing Group (hereinafter called IFTMG) is a corporation, serving state, provincial, regional, and county agricultural, Fabrics & Textile, Medical instrumental, Food, Automotive & Auto Parts, Airport Construction, Academy & Science, Chemical & Petroleum, Cosmetics, Fitness & Beauty, Entertainment, Knitting etc fairs, shows, exhibitions, and expositions. Its associate members include state and provincial associations of fairs, non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to its members, all of whom are interested in the improvement of fairs, shows, expositions, and allied fields. The IFTMG is serving since year’s and governed by a board of directors that consists of 9 elected members and the president and CEO selected by the board as an ex-officio director.

The practised specialists working throughout the Group and its network hail from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. Day in, day out, their experience and commitment ensure that you, as our customer, receive the personal attention, tailored solutions and top-class services that are synonymous with the name IFTMG.

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