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Courier Services

A courier is an individual employed to make deliveries. The types of things that such an individual delivers can vary from messages to large packages. His means of transportation can also vary, ranging from roller skates to airplanes. There are numerous types of courier jobs. The one thing that they have in common is that they involve making deliveries. A courier can be employed for various types of transactions.

Some are used to deliver documents between businesses. Others are used to deliver goods between merchants and consumers. Some couriers specialize in certain types of deliveries such as legal documents or large parcels. These people sometimes are employees of a courier service. In some cases, they may be employed by a corporation for internal deliveries. There also are freelance couriers who provide delivery services.

A courier typically has at least two clients. One is the sender, who generally wants to make sure that an item is delivered in-tact within a certain time frame. The other client is the receiver, who usually expects to receive an item without damage within a certain time frame. Courier jobs are not new. Delivery services have been used for centuries. The way that these businesses operate is, of course, much more sophisticated today. A courier often uses various types of innovative techniques to make his or her services attractive, such as text-message delivery confirmation.

Air Cargo Services

We, IFTMG are providing service of Air Cargo to worldwide destinations, air cargo These includes Clearing and Forwarding, Freight Forwarding & Shippings. Our prices are very reasonable and the quality of services is simply incomparable. We serve our expanding client base by concentrating on providing fast, cost-effective, same-day transportation and distribution services. We have built our reputation on speed and reliability. Our experienced professionals also provide customized solutions as per the clients' requirement thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

Sea Cargo Services

Being an efficient international forwarder, we provide comprehensive services to almost all seaport locations. For this, we have an excellent network with several ocean carriers throughout the world. Our experienced professionals also provide customized solutions as per the clients' requirement thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

International Courier

We can take care of delivery of your valuable international Documents and Parcels and Samples. You can Save 20% to 40% on door to door International Air Courier via FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT. With International priority, all your shipments are tracked, right from pick-up until delivery by the most sophisticated tracking system in the business.

Domestic Courier

IFTMG provides local courier service for the pick up and delivery of your time sensitive packages. We get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. Our team of Courier Service agents is skilled and professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines.

Packers & Movers

We specialize in packing and moving of household goods, commercial goods. We specialise inpackers and movers Packaging of household goods like furnitures, cars, industrial machinery all over Pakistan. Each and every possible care is taken of the materials during the entire process of transfer. Packaging is done with good quality of materials like plastic coatings, wooden baskets and thermocol packs for material that are brittle. Every possible attention is given towards loading and unloading of the materials at the destination of reach. At an affordable charge, our organisation takes full care of delays on the motion while the goods are on the way and see to it that each and every consignment reaches its desired destination well on time.

Benefits of Courier Services

IFTMG courier service offers several advantages to people who always travel abroad. This is an excellent way for them to get their items delivered to their loved ones at home. Rather than use slow mailing services, most tourists are now utilising this type due to the reasons given below. Basically, a courier is an agency that aids customers with their delivery packages, such as money and documents, and provides a faster service. Those people who are always taking a tour will be able to send postcards and even souvenirs back home no matter where they are. Tourists also do not have to worry about payments since there are convenient ways to transfer money for the service, such as automatic billing and online interfaces. More often than not, a courier company also offers delivery guarantees, along with insurance on shipments and other perks, making it an imperative part of every traveller’s life. So, if you are a frequent holidaymaker, you will enjoy great benefits from using this type of mailing service. You can be sure of secure shipments and on-time deliveries wherever you may be spending your vacation.