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Invitation Letter

Issuance of Invitation Letter

IFTMG can help to get invitation from trade fairs association which helps you to get visa from the recomended embassies / consulates. Here are the useful information which helps you to get invitation from different countries.

• The Official Invitation Letter we provide is NOT a Visa, but ONLY AN INVITATION that helps you gain a Visa from Embassy / Consulate. We are not travel agent or It is not mentioned on the visa vignette of each candidate, whether he is allowed to work in the following country. If the candidate is intercepted by authorities and found violating those working restrictions, he is likely to be deported. We will not responsible for any such action of the candidate and will not be held liable for any damages resulting from any illegal or criminal action of the candidate during his stay in the inviting country.

• Only the Visa Invitations during the fair period can be provided.

• Passports must be valid for at least SIX MONTHS beyond the intended date of entry into the recommended country.

• The first page (the page with your photo) of your passport is necessary, please upload together with the invitation application form.

• Attendees should also provide the Business License, company profile and other supporting documents of your company which require to get an invitation from the association of Trade Fairs.

• Official letters of invitation can be provided when it ready and we shall receive it by fax or Email. If embassy require an original invitation then delivery charges have to pay acording by DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS or other forwarding agent.

• Thank you for your cooperation!