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IFTMG is one of the most popular shows in nation and world wide and regularly attracts many visitors each year, so it is a great opportunity to raise the profile of or revenue for your business, organisation or charity. So whether you wish to apply for a Trade Stand, Food Concession or Craft Stall, IFTMG has pitches across the showground for everyone. Most past stall holders claim that the event is key in their calendar therefore applying on time is essential.

10 things to keep in mind before booking a stall in a fair

Booking a stall in a trade fair demands important research work done prior to commitment. You may run out of essential points to ensure at the final moment. It is a wise practise to make note of them and do your evaluations accordingly. You should be able to exploit maximum benefits without exceeding the budget.


Expenditure is the most important factor before attesting your participation in a trade fair. The rent should definitely be lesser than the minimum amount of earnings you are targeting. It shouldn’t exceed your capacity. Moreover, try discounting on additional offerings from the organiser if you are a start up. Additional offerings include bigger stall and bigger banner etc.

What are others selling?

Do a quick research of the other stalls in the array. Know what they are selling and how they are doing it. While demarcating specific areas for a particular kind of product makes it easy for the customer to locate stalls, it brings along stiffer competition amongst different brands. Make sure you don’t end up selling a product at double the price than your neighbouring stall.

Theme of the fair

It is important that your stall fits perfect to the advertised theme of the fair. You should be selling a T.V in an electronics expo and trading attires in a fair dominated by garments. Any kind of mismatch shall endure unpredictable loss.

The Ambience

Does the entire set up has a shelter? While reputed organisers won’t compromise with it, others shall make it difficult for you as well as the customer to trade in unbearable day light. Make sure the set up has shelter to debacle heat and enough ventilation along to expel suffocation out.

Stall location

A trade fair is an ocean of stalls. It is very important that your stall is approachable whenever a customer enters the fair. It should neither be located at the beginning nor at the extreme other end. A customer shouldn’t be tired when he reaches you. Does a quick round up of the actual spot or ask for the map.

When are you arriving?

A well advertised fair will fetch more business to your stall. Ensure that the organiser is working thoroughly towards promoting the fair in the city. Moreover, check for the fair’s advertising banner and evaluate the positioning of your brand’s logo on it.

Glitzy set up!

Don’t just put a table in front of the stall. Of course a wise business mind won’t do that. However, certain organisers shall restrain you from customising the look of your stall. Negotiate with him but don’t compromise with the visage that your stall would exhibit. You should have the freedom to do anything to promote your brand.

Presence of big banners

If you are running a small scale business, then it is a smart move to establish your stall near to a bigger brand. A trade fair invites people from all income groups. All customers may not be able to afford the big brands and there you have your chance of hitting at the right customers. The big brands will attract the customer and you will trade with them!


A stall you would be assigned should be spacious enough for more customers to browse the products. Ask for the maximum space that fits your budget. There is nothing like a big stall!

Uninterrupted power supply

What if the demo for any of your electronic products halts immediately due to loss of power? The embarrassment would be unaccountable. Make sure your stall is well equipped to power connections. An organiser has to ensure it. Moreover, installing fans in your stall shall attract more curious eyes!


We wish to apologise in advance as we know that there will be many disappointed applicants. Please do not send any money with your application as an invoice will be sent out with all successful applications. All applicants will receive a reply.

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